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fic master list.

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Apr. 10th, 2007 | 01:32 pm
mood: surprised

Because it was all getting out of hand, and I was having trouble tracking everything down myself. Entries sorted by fandom, with lots of handy little extra bits tacked on. Things will get rambling, and the earlier entries for most are a bit... meh. I'm a perfectionist.

ETA: I've gone through this list and edited out the fics I was less than happy with - they're now on a supplementary post which can be found here, but, y'know. I'm not happy with them for a reason.

Alexander the Great

They fought at Chaeronea, and they were victorious – but here, now, there is more in the air than war. This is life and death, at its most elemental. Written for hc_bingo. Alexander/Hephaistion, ish.


A Second Opinion:
Romance is always so much easier when viewed through the eyes of others. Jack/Nathan.

Stranger Things:
Who says a house can’t have feelings too? Jack/Nathan, Zoë/Lucas.

In the Corners of My Mind:
A GD experiment goes awry, as always, and from then on in it's a race against time, with hilarity, forgiveness, regret and a dash of angst thrown in for good measure. Jack/Nathan. Multi-chapter. Complete.

Linear Temporal Progression:
After the clock is fixed, time begins anew, and life has to move on. Jack/Nathan. AU for 3x04: I Do Over.

Facets of a Many-Sided Whole:
Music meme response. Jack/Nathan.

Because sometimes obstinate boys just need a helping hand. Or a helping virtual reality, because this is Eureka. Jack/Nathan.

wait and watch and don't let go:
It comes for us all in the end. Question is, who’s waiting when it does? Jack/Nathan. Oh, and big time angst.

All Passive-Aggressive:
“Nathan will be getting hell about this later, he knows, because he’s been yelled at before about antagonising the hostage-taker.” But it’s kinda hard for him not to when it’s Jack who’s the hostage-taker’s hostage. Written for smallfandomfest. Jack/Nathan.

Through a Splintered Glass:
It’s 2009, and the Cold War heated up. Global Dynamics is a pioneering weapons development facility with the smartest minds gleaned what’s left of the West, and the notoriously pro-war town of Eureka is run by the military with an iron fist to rival the Iron Curtain. It’s Eureka, ladies and gentlemen, but not as we know it. Written for smallfandomfest. Zane/Fargo, Jack/Nathan. Multi-chapter. Complete.


waiting for the phone to ring:
Wash has developed wings. He's also dead, but that can't mean with it ought to mean. Written for hc_bingo. Zoe/Wash.

Henry IV

to play the fool without a stage:
One last meeting between a fat knight and the man who cast him aside. “Oh, Hal. Kingship has ruined what little character you had.” Written for hc_bingo.


we dreamt, labyrinthine:
Arthur lives his life inside other people’s dreams, and so he knows the importance of the difference between dreamscape and reality – except now, with Ariadne smiling coyly at him across the breakfast table, after it’s all said and done, the difference seems less important than it once was. Written for hc_bingo. Arthur/Ariadne.

one false step, stepped lightly:
For the first time in three years, Ariadne makes a mistake. Kelly Hendricks—corporate head-hunter; latest mark; sadistic murderer—makes her pay for it. Written for hc_bingo. Arthur/Ariadne.

and the sky changes colour:
Their minds trapped her in limbo, alone, and three days up here is a lifetime down there.” And Eames watches them as they fall apart. Written for hc_bingo. Arthur/Ariadne.

slow burn, slow decay:
Ariadne tries, tries so hard, and the only person she keeps letting down is herself. Written for hc_bingo. Arthur/Ariadne.


some painful secret, hid behind bared teeth:
Lucy’s good at lying. Written for hc_bingo. Some Lucy/OMC; mid-Golden Age.

Robin Hood

Actions always have consequences, and deals with the devil more so than most. It was Allan’s mistake—Allan’s deal—but it’s his best friend who suffers. Slight Will/Djaq.

When There is Nothing Left:
Friendship, betrayal, hatred. It’s the story of two best friends: Allan a Dale, Will Scarlett. No one ever stops to wonder whether the ending of the tale will be as happy as the beginning.

Watch for My Weakness:
“She can’t hear the outlaw’s screams, but she imagines them.” We can find allies in the strangest places, even if their allegiance is never quite promised. Written for smallfandomfest. Kate/Isabella.


Zaf/Jo sentences.

Stargate Atlantis

world, put on pause:
And they are what's left. Written for hc_bingo and stargate_las. John&Teyla.

Stargate SG-1

now is the winter:
Langara fell to Origin, its people enslaved beneath a veneer of freedom. This is the story of the resistance, and of how Jonas Quinn gave up waiting for help from the stars and forged his own path through the darkness. “Word spreads of a man who blazes in his disbelief, and has not been struck down.” Written for hc_bingo. Multi-chapter. Complete.

Stargate Universe

not waving but drowning:
If it’s not your body, can you treat it like it is? Written for hc_bingo. Chloe/Matt.

Star Trek XI

sealed by a fragile touch:
“He’s not leaving Bones behind on some godforsaken desert planet with nothing but the dead for company.” Time moves on, wherever you are, but the question is, how fast? Written for st_xi_kink. Kirk/Bones. Multi-chapter. Complete.

fingerprints of forgotten memories:
“Jim presses his palm to his forehead, because suddenly there’s just a big fuzzy blip where the name of the planet used to be.” Mistakes that aren’t mistakes can snowball into something else entirely. Written for st_xi_kink. Kirk/Bones. Sequel to sealed by a fragile touch. Multi-chapter. Complete.

glass right down the middle:
“He still doesn’t like Jim going down to alien planets on his own, and it’s not just because of the whole I’m-the-Captain-hear-me-roar-and-watch-me-get-my-ass-handed-to-me thing that Jim’s got going on.” But sometimes you’re so focused on the danger to others that you forget about the danger to yourself. Written for st_xi_kink. Kirk/Bones. Sequel to sealed by a fragile touch and fingerprints of forgotten memories. Multi-chapter. Complete.

two halves of the one coin:
Captain Kirk. We have a gift for you.” And maybe sometimes a gift is less something new, and more something to help you forget the old – even when there are those around you who can’t quite let sleeping dogs lie. Kirk/Bones. Sequel to sealed by a fragile touch, fingerprints of forgotten memories and glass right down the middle. Multi-chapter. Complete.

Matchmaker, Matchmaker:
In which there is an exasperated Bones, a conniving Uhura, and a not-quite-so oblivious Jim Kirk. Written for smallfandomfest. Kirk/Bones.

Between the Frying Pan and the Fire:
“You just stood by and let Kirk be marooned – and now you’re acting all high and mighty about it? I don’t think so.” Because there’s time for regret in the spaces between. Written for st_xi_kink. Kirk/Bones.

Something like a Countdown:
The first time it happens, it’s a surprise. The second time, too. But when it keeps on happening, even Kirk can figure out that something’s going on. Written for trek_exchange. Kirk/McCoy, Spock/Uhura.

a little wheel of golden fire:
Jim wears a wedding ring, just because he can. This is what goes from there, including staring contests with inanimate objects, rigorous alien security, and starlit darkness. Kirk/Bones.

mustard in an airy room:
Basically, mindless fluff. Also, this: "Spock inclines an eyebrow, and seems quite unfazed by the fact that he’s just caught Enterprise’s captain and CMO necking in a glorified puddle." Kirk/Bones.

honey and strawberries:
Jim Kirk and Leonard McCoy are competent, calm Starfleet officers – but when the monsters under the bed of the latest strange new world work their magic, that calm and that competence doesn’t last more than a moment. Written for hc_bingo. Kirk/McCoy.

not quite wonderland:
Jim runs through this dream-world, wherever it is, and he’s followed by an emerald-green bird and a walking, talking EV suit – and then there’s the darkness, which peers at him with numbing eyes, and whispers to him: Sleep. Written for hc_bingo. Kirk/Bones.


metempsychosis and the migration of the soul:
Gabriel becomes the Trickster becomes Gabriel again. Perhaps.

take your pound of feathers and live:
Sam’ll readily admit he’s never been good at dealing. His dreams seem to have a different idea, though. Sam/Gabriel. Post 5x19: The Hammer of the Gods.

After everything, Sam changes. He was bound to, considering Lucifer and the fact that he caused the end of the world. This is where he finishes. Sam/Gabriel, past Sam/Jess.

The Eagle

whispering in the cold:
"They're Roman; hurt goes unexpressed." "Esca smells wild. Maybe he always has." Marcus/Esca.

the sunshine lies:
“The fire rages on.” And they run, because they have to. Marcus/Esca. Multi-chapter. Complete.

breathe for me:
“It’s power, power and domination and possession.” Written for the_eagle_kink. Marcus/Esca, sorta.

Esca should be used to death by now. Written for the_eagle_kink. Marcus/Esca.

and the rain pours down on london town:
Marcus Aquila is a recovering war hero, invalided home from Afghanistan with a leg full of shrapnel. Esca MacCunoval is a self-destructive drunk, left reeling by the deaths of his family. As it so happens, Marcus can move things with his mind; as it so happens, Esca has wind, earth, air, and fire securely under his thumb. Neither of them mind the rain. Marcus/Esca, eventually. Multi-chapter.

day in the life:
Another day, another murder. Written for the Fanmedia Challenge over on ninth_eagle. Marcus/Esca, sort of.

build me a prison of your memories:
This is not Esca's world. Written for the Fanmedia Challenge over on ninth_eagle. Marcus/Esca.

pattycake, pattycake:
Esca hasn’t been eating. Marcus has taken too long to notice. Written for the Fanmedia Challenge over on ninth_eagle. Marcus/Esca; some Marcus/Cottia.

The History Boys

Rosalie Heights or Brief Encounter:
Just a brochure on a coffee table, and then the line between friends and something more just ceases to exist. Posner/Scripps.

just the ash that is left when the fire is gone:
“There’s an emptiness in his eyes and a hollowness in his cheeks, and Scripps wonders what happened to the beautiful, brilliant boy he used to know.” What we will be is so different to what we are.

write me an essay on postage-stamp paper:
Scripps is having problems with this—with everything—and the pile of unread books on his desk isn’t helping. Written for hc_bingo.

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enchanting muse

from: enmuse
date: Jul. 10th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)

Hey BB, how are you?? Been sooo long since we talked! (What is it - like a year now??) How ya doing? And do you remember crazy Eureka fic plans we bounced around last year? Went back and read those e-mails and now I'm longing to see those projects completed. :p

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from: vixys
date: Jul. 15th, 2010 12:29 am (UTC)

Oh, Eurekaaaaaaaa. THE NEW SEASON HAS STARTED, HAS IT NOT? (I just got back from holiday, so I'm behind on everything. :D ♥♥)

I agree. Crazy fic ideas trump all. :D ♥♥♥

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